Hi, I'm Barry

I’m a Freelance Digital Product Designer with over 10 years of experience. I love to design and prototype clean, functional apps and enjoy taking an active role in the entire product design process. Previously I was UX Lead at TamTam.

Trucker app

Role: Lead UX designer & Concept

For TVM, a European transport insurance company, we created an app for Truckers. The app is being used by 25.000 truckers to find safe and free parking spaces along the major roads in Europe. The occupancy is measured live for all parking spots and truckers can easily find facilities like a shower or restaurant on their route.

Eneco & Oxxio app

Role: Lead UX designer & Concept

For Eneco and Oxxio I designed the apps in which their customers can monitor their energy usage and compare it with others users. Currently both apps are being used by more than 100.000 people per month. And are rated with a steady 4 stars.

Rabobank app

Role: Lead UX designer & Consultant

The Rabobank was suffering with 1 star reviews in the appstore for their banking app. They asked me to do an expert review on their banking app and help design the next iteration of the Rabobank app which went live in august 2017. Reviews are now at a steady 4.5 stars.

Alliantie App

Role: Lead UX designer & Concept

De Alliantie is one of the biggest housing associations in the Netherlands, catering to 60.000 people with average or lower incomes. The purpose of the project was to create an online service that would enable customers to manage their affairs digitally.

Vaarwater app

Role: Lead UX designer & Concept

The vaarwater app is made for boat owners in Amsterdam with real time traffic information on the canals. Awarded with multiple awards including a Dutch Interactive Award, Spinaward and European Excellence Award

Hedge for Mac

Role: UX designer

Hedge is an app made for the mac to backup large media files to multiple harddisks at the same time. After one year the app has already transfered 10 Petabytes of data. Check it out at https://hedgeformac.com